Attend Workshops

A New Way to attend Medicine Reiki Workshops!

First, select the workshop you want.

There are five classes currently available.

  1. Medicine Reiki I.
  2. Medicine Reiki II.
  3. Medicine Reiki III.
  4. Hoop Fusion II.
  5. Hoop Fusion III.

For a description of each class, just click on the class name.

Second, select your workshop date.

To keep costs down, choose a date at least six weeks from today. If you select this date or a later one, your tuition will be $150/class.

In a hurry? That’s cool. You can have your workshop tomorrow if you like. I charge more, for obvious reasons, but if you absolutely must begin ASAP and money is no object, go for it! Tuition ranges from $150 for workshops at least six weeks in the future to $1175 if you want it tomorrow. The choice is yours.

Third, pay for your class.

About PayPals

Your personalized handouts, certificate and gifts will be ready for you when you arrive.

Stay Informed

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