Medicine Reiki Attunements

The Medicine Reiki attunements are the 15 Hoop Reiki blessings. However they have the additional effect on most Reiki practitioner of opening and widening the connection to the Medicine Energies. Nearly all Reiki folk receiving the Medicine Reiki attunements report more conscious contact with their totem animals, the receiving, often spontaneously, of their sacred name, and a stronger awareness, especially during healing sessions, of Medicine energies like Bear, White Buffalo Woman, Trickster and many others.

In addition, the Reiki practitioner can use the energy of the Sacred Hoop during healing sessions, both direct and distant. Each Hoop is different, designed for a particular person at a particular time. These Hoops greatly expand healing energies available to the Reiki practitioners. The Hoops can be persistent, sometimes lasting weeks or months, providing healing energies at exactly the rate a person can accept. The Hoops also ride the time line as easily as the distant line. This provides a new way to heal past trauma. The awareness that a past trauma has been healed is so sharp that I now include it in every Medicine Reiki II class.
Other uses for the Hoops have also been found. One Hoop Reiki Master has found they can be used as portals or windows during healing of past lives. The Hoop as portal allows you to see the incident in the past life which needs healing. I encourage everyone attuned to Medicine Reiki to play and experiment with these Sacred Hoops. They have much to teach us and capabilities not yet imagined.

Attunements, Gifts of the Spirit

There are at least 15 Hoop Reiki attunements. Seven of then are given by Hoop Reiki Masters, the rest are Spirit given with the Hoop Reiki Masters serving as Fair Witnesses. I offer them directly, usually during Medicine Reiki workshops, and at a distance, usually when Grandmother Moon is full.

To seek Hoop Reiki blessings is to seek the sacred. I do not charge for distant Medicine Reiki attunements. They are available for the asking. I do, however, ask you to honur the ways of my adopted people, the Cree, when seeking these attunements. The following honur the old ways while still accommodating the needs of the Internet. NB: If you belong to another tribe and follow its traditions, I will honor your ways of seeking the sacred.

To request your first Hoop Reiki attunement directly, arrange to meet with your Hoop Reiki master. He will give you whatever instructions are required. If you desire to receive your Hoop Reiki blessings directly from me, K’sitew, prepare for the meeting by obtaining print, tobacco and a smudge and present these prayer offerings when we meet. During the session I will ask your reasons for seeking the Blessings. If I accept your offering of tobacco, I will provide you with the first blessing.

To request your first distance Hoop Reiki attunements, I suggest the use of small Prayer Ties, with appropriate ceremony, as a pray or offering in lieu of the print, tobacco and smudge mentioned above. When you have completed the Prayer Tie ceremony, click here to let me know. Please include your experiences with the Prayer Ties, a prayer to Creator in your own words and the reason you are seeking the Hoop Reiki blessings. Be sure you are subscribed to the e-list. That is where the schedule for the next ceremony will be posted. This ritual is normally used for the Hoop Reiki Blessings.

To complete the circle following your first attunement, tradition requires you to gift the person conducting the ceremony. Your gift is NOT a payment for the ceremony, but an expression of your gratitude and a symbol of value you place upon the attunement received. Because only you and your Creator know the extent of your thankfulness and how deeply you value the attunement, only you, after meditation and prayer, can determine what is an appropriate gift. Your gift completes the first cycle. Please do not request another blessing until you have closed this circle.

For the second and subsequent distant attunements, I ask only that you include with your email request for the attunement, your prayer for that attunement and an indication that you have closed the circle of your last ceremony by Gifting the person holding the ceremony. I encourage you to use appropriate ceremony, but leave that to be between you and the Creator of your understanding. As each Blessing is received, do not seek another until you have closed your ceremonial circle by Gifting.

Stay Informed

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