Chakra Balancing

Reiki is replete with mention of “balancing the chakras,” “cleaning the chakras,” “unplugging the chakras,” and similar phrases. Much of the intentional healing effort in Reiki focuses on this goal of cleaning and tuning the chakras. But missing in this is any discussion of the purpose behind “balancing the chakras.” At best, good health is given as the reason, at worst, the issue of purpose is not addressed at all. It is simply assumed to be a “good thing.”

The chakras are never out of balance! They reflect, to perfection, the balance of the person from moment to moment. It is only when an external standard is applied that chakras can be said to be “out of balance.” It is this unstated standard which is important.

In the most general of terms, the East Indians tune the chakras with a spiritual purpose in mind (Yoga). Most are seeking to release the kundalini energy so that it surges from root to crown. This shocks or blasts them into the bliss of Nirvana.

The Chinese, on the other hand, seek to control the flow of chi and tune the chakras for physical, not spiritual, reasons (Tai Chi, Qigong). They seek a long and healthy life. Dig deep enough and it appears they are seeking immortality within the body.

The Vision Quest people have a different purpose for chakra balancing. They seek to balance the chakras so they are congruent, or in tune with, life’s purpose or divine plan. It is in this that Medicine Reiki can help. Through a series of blessings or initiations, Medicine Reiki brings the chakras into balance with each other and with one’s divine plan.

Hoop Reiki

Hoop Reiki got its name from the rings or bands of energy it uses to deliver the blessing. These rings of energy settle over the body and aura and gently bob or float up and down around the chakra being tuned to your life’s purpose. The rings are related to the Sacred Hoop or Sacred Circle of the Vision Quest folk. In most cases, and there are exceptions, the energy bands resemble the Hula Hoop, a child’s toy.

Typically only a single band of Hoop Reiki is used at one time. However, in cases where there are large discrepancies among and between the chakras and a person’s divine plan, multiple bands of energy, sometimes at the same chakra, and sometimes at a different chakra, are used to ensure harmony over the entire system while it is in flux.

Hoop Reiki Blessings: Gifts of the Spirit

There are fifteen known Hoop Reiki blessings, one for each body centered Chakra, plus eight above the crown Chakra.

Blessings are generally given during Grandmother Moon’s fullness. Under special circumstances, the blessings may be given at other times as well.

In one sense, receiving the Hoop Reiki blessings is easy. Just ask. They are freely available to all who seek them. But in another sense the blessings are difficult to receive in that you must ask for them from the very depths of your being. To aid in your asking, I offer the traditions of my beloved Cree. I ask that you honor them, at least in spirit, if you truly desire the blessings of Hoop Reiki.

Instructions for requesting distant blessings are here. Instructions for seeking the blessings in person are here.

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