Three Great Ways to Learn Medicine Reiki!

Online Classes

Online classes are great. You will learn more about Reiki, and Medicine Reiki, online than you can any other way. Class for class, you will learn more online than in a traditional workshop, and likely learn it better, too. How can this be, you ask?

Well, online, you have more time and more resources. Lots more time and lots more resources. No traditional workshop can match an online class in these respects. The Internet has more Reiki resources material available than any Reiki Master could possibly bring to, or cover, in a traditional workshop. Just click a button and you are reading new material! The Reiki Spirit online classes include lots of links and book recommendations. One student tried counting them all and gave up at 600 links.

Too, online classes can require work which cannot be required in traditional workshops. For example, nearly every Reiki Master instructs students to self-treat daily after attunements. Typically Reiki Masters suggest 21 days, although different Masters may vary the duration a bit. But there is no way to insist that students do this. After all, once they leave the workshop with their certificate, they are on their own. But in the Reiki Spirit online classes, each student keeps an online journal and shares the results of assignments like self-treatments. And while it is possible to make fake entries about self-treatment and other assignments, it takes more effort than just doing the assignments as given.

Ever leave a workshop and then find you had a question, but the instructor wasn’t around to answer it? With online classes questions and answers are just an email away – and during some hours, just an 800 number or live chat away. This just isn’t possible once a traditional workshop ends.

Finally, online classes let you work to your schedule, not someone else’s. This is no small matter for many folks too busy to get away for a traditional class. Online courses have a flexibility unmatched by any traditional workshop.

To begin your online class now, follow this link.

Local Traditional Workshops

Hey, traditional workshops are neat, too! I hold workshops in and around Hendersonville, North Carolina. Usually at the Unity Center in Mills River or, for smaller classes, in my home in Hendersonville. While I no longer offer regularly scheduled classes, I do hold workshops on request. Now that I am retired, I find it is easier to let the students decide when they have time for a workshop than it is for me to try and guess on times and places which will work for everyone. Most of my workshops run between four and six hours, depending on the number of students and the particular workshop. Letting you decide on the workshop date also ensures smaller classes and more personal attention.

If you would like to work with me directly, then schedule a workshop and come on over. Just follow this link to get started.

Traditional Workshops in your area

Don’t live near Hendersonville, North Carolina and don’t or won’t travel? Don’t want to do the online thing? Then, what the heck, I’ll come to you. I love to travel, and you might get your classes free. How is that for a deal?

Want your own personal instruction, just for you and a loved one? No problem, tuition is $500, plus my expenses, for you and one other person. If this is your cup of tea, email me and we will work out the details.

Are you a go-getter with more friends and organizing skills than money? Want your instruction free? Great! A workshop for up to five people, including yourself, is $500 plus expenses. A workshop for 6 to 10 folks is $1000 plus expenses, and a workshop for more than 10 folks is $2000 plus expenses.

If free training appeals to you, then drop me an email and we will work out the details.

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