What is the difference between Medicine Reiki and Hoop Reiki?

They refer to two sides of the same coin. Medicine Reiki is often used to focus on the more familiar energies of Native American Medicine, like Sweetgrass, Eagle, Grandmother Moon, and Drum. Hoop Reiki more often refers to the Sacred Hoops used to deliver the blessings and attunements, these are but two of the many ways these Hoops can be used in healing. However, both terms are often used interchangeably.

What are the differences among blessings, attunements and initiations?

All of these terms refer to exactly the same process. The difference lies only in the target. Thus the target of ‘blessings’ is everyone except Reiki folk and other energy workers. The targets of ‘attunements’ are Reiki folk receiving the first three blessings. The targets of ‘initiations’ are non-Reiki energy healers receiving the blessings and Reiki folks receiving blessings four through fifteen. But all of these terms can be used interchangeably as they all refer to exactly the same process.

How many Attunements are there?

There are at least 15. The first seven are provided by a Hoop Reiki Master. The remainder are Spirit given, though a Hoop Reiki Master usually stands as a fair witness that the attunement was received.

Does this mean it will take 15 months before I can receive them all?

Yes, at least for most folks. Some folks do receive multiple attunements all at the same time. Sometimes students receive the first three attunements over a three day period. And a fair number of initiates decide they need more than a month between attunements. But, on average, 15 months is what is typically takes, especially if you are receiving distant attunements during the Full Moon celebrations.

Are there any requirements I must meet to receive distance Hoop Reiki Blessings?

Yes, you will need to subscribe to the Medicine Reiki e-list. You can do that now by clicking here. Then follow the instructions below.

How do I request my first attunement?

  1. Complete your Prayer Tie Ceremony
  2. Write your prayer
  3. Click here to email your request. Your email must include the following:
  • your request; and
  • your experience with the Prayer Tie ceremony; and
  • your prayer

Do I need to create Prayer Ties for each attunement?

No, only when you request the first attunement. I encourage you to make them for each attunement, but do not require it.

How do I request subsequent attunements?

First, be sure you have closed the cycle of your last attunement by gifting. Then write your prayer for the next attunement and email it with your request here.