Reiki is a monadic healing energy. Other forms are dualistic, that is, they can be used both for healing and hurting. Thus we have black and white magic (Wicca), good and bad Medicine (North American Indians), etc. Reiki, on the other hand, cannot be used for harm.

Reiki envelops and modifies the Medicine energies, converting them from dualistic energies to monadic energies. This ensures Medicine Reiki can only be used for healing, not hurting.

Medicine Reiki is more communal than other forms of Reiki. It appears, at least so far, to bring people together rather strongly. For example, attunements are usually done within a sea of Reiki energy provided by the other participants, the Raku is not used to separate the Reiki Master and initiate after an attunement, and no separation of healer and patient is done at the completion of a healing. One group of students has already created a Medicine bundle for the group’s use, and I expect more bundles will follow. (Update: There are now three bundles.)

Small groups of Medicine Reiki practitioners can do things together which they cannot do alone and attunements/ordinations above a certain level can only be done cooperatively in small groups.

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