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Hoop Reiki II:
Move beyond the limitations of space and time. Learn distant healing methods, work with past lives, and clear karmic debts. Learn the Reiki symbols and their uses. Learn to work with your Reiki guides, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, your totem animals and all the other helpers we are blessed with.

Medicine Reiki II expands your gifts to include healing the past, working with mental and emotional difficulties, reading the Akashic Records, manifestation, and much more.

K'sitew, in the tradition of his adopted people, the Cree of Northern Canada, teaches the whole person, reaching out to the Mind, Body and Spirit of every participant. Students of other Reiki Masters are welcome. Just bring your Reiki 1 certificate.

To enroll in the online class, click on the button below. To enroll in a traditional workshop, go here.
Combined Traditional & Medicine Reiki II

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