Hoop Blessing Ceremony

While none of the following is absolutely needed or required, I strongly recommend all of the following as a way of preparing yourself for the blessing.
Initiates Guests
You will need the following:

  • Smudge (Sweetgrass or Sage or Cedar or the Shelf Fungus from the far north).
  • A candle (a votive the colour of the chakra being aligned would be nice) with holder.
  • Matches (wooden preferred).
  • Supportive friends/family. Medicine Reiki is communal. Even one or two others is better than no one. If you must be alone, make a point of inviting your spirit helpers and friends.
  • A comfortable and serene location large enough to accommodate everyone.
You will need the following:

  • Smudge (Sweetgrass or Sage or Cedar or the Shelf Fungus from the far north).
  • A comfortable and serene location.
Process for both initiates and guests:

  • Smudge and bless the area. If you are a Reiki II or III, place SHK’s in each corner, CKR’s on each chair, and, if you are a Reiki Master, the DKM over the entire area.
  • Imagine two concentric circles, with initiates in the center circle and guests in the outer circle. You may also sense some or all of the other participants surrounded by helpers and loved ones.
Initiates Guests
  • Ask someone to be your candle lighter.
  • Have your friends, family, and helpers sit comfortably in a circle around you. Place the unlit candle in the center of the circle and have the candle lighter in that part of the circle facing you.
  • Have someone offer an opening prayer. I normally ask the eldest person present, but follow your heart.
  • Invite your angels, Reiki Guides and other helpers to join the circle.
  • Ask everyone to fill the circle with Reiki. Even folks not attuned to Reiki can contribute.
  • Relax and center yourself. Sense the sacredness of the space you are all occupying.
  • Wait until you feel it is your turn, then signal the candle lighter to think of me and light the candle. (K’sitew is the fire in the center of the circle, so lighting the candle is a good way to reach out to me and let me know you are ready for the blessing.)
  • Find your place in the outer circle and relax.
  • Offer a prayer for everyone participating in the ceremony.
  • Invite your angels, Reiki Guides and other helpers to join the circle.
  • Fill both the inner and out circles with Reiki.
  • Remain in the circle until you sense the ceremony is complete.

The blessing will occur soon after the lighting the candle, anything from immediately to a few minutes afterwards. But remember, there are a number of folks being attuned, so it might be a bit longer. Be patient.

Remain inside the circle until you have completely returned to the here and now, then move to the edge of the circle. Ask everyone to share what they experienced, beginning with the person on your left and continuing sun-wise. This will cause you to be the last one to share.

Offer a closing prayer of thanks. Extinguish the candle. Please do not blow it out. Fire is the Spirit of Relationship, not something you want to send away.


What to expect: Anything from nothing at all (in which case Medicine Reiki simply is not on your path at this time) to the appearance of totem animals, light effects, sounds, a feeling of high energy, etc., etc. Stay open and let be what will be.



Stay Informed

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