Healing Services

Medicine Reiki sessions:
Direct Medicine Reiki sessions are available by appointment on a gifting basis.
Distant Healing:
Distant healing is free upon request. The actually healing ceremony will usually be done by a group during the next full moon gathering. The healing is sent back to the person, time and place requested.
Healing of past trauma:
Available, in person or at a distance, without charge, upon any request honoring the old ways.

Training Services

Medicine Reiki is a powerful blend of Reiki and the traditional Medicine energies of the Americas like Bear, Grandmother Moon, Drum and Fire. It combines the safety of Reiki with the urgent immediacy and power of Indian Medicine. Healers initiated into Medicine Reiki often experience the help of the Medicine Spirits immediately. Initiates frequently report contact with their totem animals and guides during the first attunement or soon afterwards. Often one’s Spirit name is learned within a few weeks or months after the second or third initiation. Enroll now and experience the difference!

Workshops (Western North Carolina)
Medicine Reiki workshops in western North Carolina are available on an on request basis only. Five workshops are currently available:

  1. Medicine Reiki I
  2. Medicine Reiki II
  3. Hoop Reiki III
  4. Hoop Fusion II
  5. Hoop Fusion III

For specific information on how to request a workshop, go here.

Workshops (Outside Western North Carolina)
I love to travel and will travel to most locations both within North American and elsewhere in the world. Sponsors of workshops outside of Western North Carolina receive their training gratis. For such workshops I ask that all expenses be covered and I receive a reasonable stipend. “Reasonable” varies with my intuition, so ask. 🙂
Workshops (on line)
Medicine Reiki I, II, and III, and Hoop Fusion II and III are available on line for the same tuition as the workshops. The advantages of online training are numerous. Online students can work at their own pace. Online students are generally more successful in integrating Medicine Reiki into their lives because homework is assigned and checked. Online students have far more access to their Medicine Reiki master. And online students have more fellow students to share with. Try it, you’ll like it. 🙂
Advanced Work is available for those who have completed Hoop Fusion II and III and wish to deepen their spiritual and healing life.
Advance training is available both online and in person. Advanced work is exploratory and collaborative in nature, much of it in etheric space. Successful completion of the advanced work will result in certification as a Medicine Reiki Master. There are no fees for advanced work, but I ask the old ways be honored.