Medicine Reiki and the Vision Quest

The Vision Quest people, which includes most of the Indians of the Americas, sought to know their path. This was the heart of the Vision Quest, finding your purpose for being and identifying and using the gifts needed to fulfill this purpose. Once known, walking one’s personal divine path with integrity and courage became life’s goal.
Today many still seek their path. It is called by many names, “God’s will for me”, “my divine plan”, “my purpose in life” are examples.

Medicine Reiki’s Hoop Blessings provide a way to discover and follow your divine path. The set of fifteen blessing align and balance your chakras with your divine path. They are a tool to help you follow your life’s purpose with integrity and balance.

These blessings are available, without charge, to all who seek them. If you are in a healing profession, the blessings also include an increasingly deeper initiation into the Medicine Energies. These Initiations attune you to the Medicine energies, allowing you to access them during your healing activities.

Hoop Reiki Blessings: Gifts of the Spirit

There are fifteen known Hoop Reiki blessings, one for each body centered chakra. There are indications that there are a total of 12, but the details of the last five have not yet been given.

Distant Hoop Reiki Blessings are normally offered during each full moon, that is, roughly every 28 days or every four weeks. This gives you time to prepare for the ceremony. Hoop Reiki Blessings received directly can be given anytime.

To seek Hoop Reiki blessings is to seek the sacred. Therefore I ask you to honour the ways of my adopted people, the Cree, when seeking these blessings/initiations/attumenments. To help, the following practices honour the old ways while still accommodating the needs of the Internet. NB: If you belong to another tribe and follow its traditions, I will honour your ways of seeking the sacred.

To request Hoop Reiki Blessings directly, please contact your Hoop Reiki master. He will provide you with instructions. If you desire to receive your Hoop Reiki blessings directly from me, K’sitew, prepare for the meeting by obtaining print, tobacco and a smudge and present these prayer offerings when we meet. During the session I will ask your reasons for seeking the Blessings. If I accept your offering of tobacco, I will provide you with the first blessing.

To request distance Hoop Reiki Blessings from me, I suggest the use of small Prayer Ties, with appropriate ceremony, as a prayer offering in lieu of the print, tobacco and smudge mentioned above. When you have completed the ceremony, send me email at the Medicine Reiki elist at Yahoo Groups. Please include your experiences with the Prayer Ties, a prayer to Creator in your own words and the reason you are seeking the Hoop Reiki blessings. I will provide you with a time and ceremony for receiving the first Hoop Reiki Blessing.

It is traditional, after each blessing, to gift the person conducting the ceremony. Your gift is NOT a payment for the ceremony, but an expression of your gratitude and a symbol of value you place upon the blessing received. Because only you and your Creator know the extent of your thankfulness and how deeply you appreciate the blessing received, only you can determine what is an appropriate gift.

Is Medicine Reiki right for you?

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