Welcome to Medicine Reiki, a powerful blend of Reiki and the traditional Medicine energies of the Americas like Bear, Grandmother Moon, Drum and Fire. Medicine Reiki combines the safety of Reiki with the urgent immediacy and power of Indian Medicine. Healers initiated into Medicine Reiki often experience the help of the Medicine Spirits immediately. Initiates frequently report contact with their totem animals and guides during the first attunement or soon afterwards. Often one’s Spirit name is learned within a few weeks or months after the second or third initiation.


I am K’sitew, Reikwarmfire-4i Master. I began receiving information about Medicine Reiki in the fall of 1999 while in Switzerland doing Reiki workshops with my partner. I continue to receive new information to this day. During a normal Reiki 1 workshop in March of 2001 I was prompted to include an attunement for Medicine Reiki within the usual Reiki attunement. More attunements followed in North Carolina in April 2001 and again in California in May and June of 2001. Now all of my Reiki attunements include an initiation into Medicine Reiki.

How is it different?

Medicine Reiki does not operate in ‘higher’ energy bands than traditional Reiki energy. Rather it provides a much broader range of energies at considerably higher amplitudes. It is not a question of higher “levels,” “frequencies” or “bands” as in the claims of Karuna, Lightarian and similar Reiki forms. Medicine Reiki broadens and deepens the energies of Reiki by including energies normally only available outside of Reiki.

Reiki extends and deepens the range of medicine energies. Reiki is noted for healing at the source of any problem, while Medicine, while honoring other levels, focuses on the physical. For example, a Medicine man often warns someone healed of a physical ailment that the healing is temporary, meant to give the person time to change his ways. And that if he doesn’t change his ways, the problem, or something worse, will return. Medicine typically leaves the deeper healing to the responsibility of the individual, usually through a change in his life style and spirituality.

Blending the Reiki energy with the Medicine energy allows the Medicine energies to penetrate beyond the physical with greater ease.

The contribution of the Medicine energies lies in the sheer breadth of new energies available. With Medicine Reiki you can access the energy/spirit of the bear and the eagle, the wind and the water, the fire and the earth, the trees and the grass, Father Sun and Mother Earth, everything. Users are already reporting the energies of eagle and lion, trees and fire and other Medicine energies occurring during Medicine Reiki healing sessions. It is going to take a long time to fully understand and integrate the fullness of this combination.

The second contribution the Medicine energies lies in the speed of healing. Medicine energies often result in immediate physical healing. I have seen skin ulcers several inches across and deep enough to expose bone completely vanish within the time it took for a six round Medicine Sweat. I have seen x-rays of a gall bladder with huge stones one day and no stones the next, with only a Medicine ceremony occurring between the x-rays. Now folks receiving Medicine Reiki treatments and attunements are reporting immediate and obvious relief from long standing chronic pain and other problems.

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