Hoop Reiki III

Become both a traditional Reiki Master and third level Initiate of Medicine Reiki. Experience the joy of teaching others to heal themselves. Experience the Reiki master symbols. Attune others to the blessings of Reiki. Deepen your conscious contact with the Medicine energies of the Americas.

Medicine Reiki III expands your gifts to include the creation of new Reiki healers and moves you further along the Healer’s Path.

K’sitew, in the tradition of his adopted people, the Cree of Northern Canada, teaches the whole person, reaching out to the Mind, Body and Spirit of every participant.

• Learning for the Mind includes knowledge of the two level 3 Reiki symbols and their uses, the ceremony of Reiki attunements or initiations, methods of teaching folk to heal themselves.

• Learning for the Body includes practice drawing the new symbols, practice in initiating others into Traditional Reiki, and practice moving Chi (Ki).

• Learning for the Spirit includes meditations, prayers, attunements, working with the sacred, and expanding your conscious contact with your totem animals and Spirit helpers.

Students of other Reiki Masters are welcome. Just bring your Reiki II certificate.

To enroll in the online class, click on the button below. To enroll in a traditional workshop, go here.

Combined Traditional & Medicine Reiki III

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